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Monday, September 27, 2010

Behind those Innocent Face

When I was eating in a fast food and thinking of my project, there was a girl who captures my eyes. She was selling a plastic bag at that time. There is something on her that I want to know. So I came to her and I but some plastic bag on her. Then we just have some a little quite conversation, and along that conversation I was so shocked that she told me aside from selling plastic bag, she has also a job during night time. I can’t believe what she says. She told me that she is a prostitute….
She is only 15 years old at that time. She has 3 siblings and she is the youngest. They don’t have parents anymore. There parents left them.
Apparently I won’t mention its name.
By then I want to know if she is telling the truth so I decided to come with her on their place. So I called at our house to ask permission that I have to finish my project and I have to sleep with one of my classmate.
When we reach their home then her three siblings came to see her quickly. By that time she just bought some fish for their dinner. After the dinner she quickly pack all her things and she told to its sibling she must go to her work. Apparently they didn’t know the job of their youngest sister. So, she doesn’t want also to let it know to its siblings. She doesn’t want that they might follow what she is doing. She told me that she is happy because at least they go to school and they eat 3 times a day. But her wish is that her 3 siblings would finish their studies someday and can have a good and moral job, not like her job.
I can’t believe that a person in front of me is only 15 years old but the way she thinks as if she is already old. All she wants is for the sake of her siblings and not for herself.
It’s time for her to do her job. She dressed up, and has some make up. As she was doing it it’s like she is expert and knows what she is doing. I can’t believe it… really… after that she told me that its time. We sat on a certain place but in a few minutes she told me that I have to go far so that her customer would not think that I am one of them. And when she has one she told me that she will be back in 2 hours. I wait for her by then.
After 2 hours she came back. Are you alright? She told me she is. She is used to it so she will be okay. Whew….
I ask her a question. What if you get pregnant?
Girl: don’t worry I know what will I do. Some one told me about that..
Whew>>>> again….
Are you happy?
Girl? No... Because this is immoral and I can’t be proud with this kind of job. But on the other side, yes, because with this I can help my family. (the tears flowed on her face).. but someday I was hoping that I can get out with this kind of job...
I hugged her and I cried…

Behind its innocent face the first time I saw her and that behind its age, I cant believe that she is suffering in that kind of job. To their parents why did they leave their children just like that? Our government should stop this kind of situation especially to the minors. They were corrupt because of our poverty and they do things some immoral in order to leave. I think the government should do something about us… They must as soon as possible….


  1. added na po ms.rose yung link mo
    balik po ako after lunchbreak to do some backreadings. Be blessed po!

  2. the oldest known profession in this world is prostitution, her story is one of the same stories that we have in the Philippines.

    i hope and pray that there will come a time that this will end.

    be blessed!

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    pa-add din yung sa akin
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  4. may mga bagay na sobrang mabigat kung bubuhatin mong mag-isa, may mga pagkalugmok na hindi mo maitutuwid gamit ang mga kamay mo, may mga suliranin at maraming katanungan na hindi mo masasagot, dahil may ISANG nagpapahintulot nito, maaring sa pansamantalang buhay nateng ito, hindi tayo mapalad at kung may mapalad man alam mo kung sino yun, 'yung yumayakap at nakikinig, yung naghihintay at nakikiramay, dahil may pananampalataya na hindi siya ang tunay na biktima dito, kungdi ang mga nang-aapi, at sino ka dito, ikaw ang maghahatid sa kanya sa liwanag. hindi ang katawan at puri ang nakakasira sa mumunting anghel sa istorya, kungdi sya ang maghahatid tungo sa mas maliwanag na hinaharap.

  5. May kurot sa puso ang iyong kuwento.

    Hayyyy. Babalik ako at nai-add na pala kita sa aking blogroll.

    God Bless!

  6. wow superlolong pinoy... kumusta ka na po? tagal na rin po akong di nakakadalaw sa bahay nyo.. :) -orville po.. ang apo nyo.. :)

  7. Reality sucks sometimes. I just can’t imagine how a girl age 15 will go to that kind of job. I hope our government resolve this kind of issue.