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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Find True Love with "Mango Float"

I'm going to love this food forever!!! I can't help it. It really tastes good. I hope you’ll make me again this food even we will be in high school or college.

Samantha: Of course. I do. Even will get old I will. Just for you. Until to the next life. I won’t leave you and as long I’m alive I’ll make mango float to you forever.
Chris: Good. You're the best.

Chris and Sam entered high school. As usual as they did before, Sam made a mango float for Chris as they were when they were in elementary. He really love the mango float that Sam use to make for him. He doesn’t want the other's mango float. He only wants Sam mango float. He did not know but there is something in the mango float that he really loves and he didn't know what is it.

Chris and Sam had a field trip. Their class held a swimming in a beach. Both of them were excited and they can swim well. Chris taught Sam how to swim. As they were enjoying Sam noticed something. When she looked at the sea she saw someone drowning. Without thinking she jumped and tried to save the person. Chris saw Sam saving someone and he followed. Chris and Sam rescue the person. Chris helped the person as if like a "lifeguard" and behind him is Sam. When Chris is a little bit far away to Sam, suddenly, a huge wave came.....

Chris: Sam..... (he shouted)

Then when it's all silent, they were nobody on the shore..... Chris tried to find Sam but him he couldn’t find it…
So they were rescuer.. At last they find Sam... But she's dead.. no breathing...

Chris: no it can't be... (and the tears came out).....

It's been 10 years that Sam is dead.... Chris was in the cemetery....

Chris: you know what Sam now I'm doing well. MY life is good but you know what it would be better if you were here. You know what? I miss you're mango float. Since you died I haven't eat a mango float.. I really miss it and especially you.....

As he drive suddenly there's a woman who crosses the street. And Chris hit the girl by a car accidentally....
Chris bring that woman to the hospital..

The doctor came out..

Chris: Doc? How is she?
Doctor: don't worry, she will be fine. It's just a minor. She will be awake in an hour.
Chris: thanks God..

Chris entered the room

Nicole: where am I?
Chris: you were in the hospital. I'm so sorry but I've hit you by a car.. Don’t worry I’ll shoulder all the hospital bills. By the way I’m Chris. And you?
Nicole: I’m Nicole…

As time goes by Nicole and Chris became closer to each other and they fell in love with each other. On their first anniversary…

Nicole: I have something for you?  I made this just for you. I hope you’ll like it.

Chris: A mango float? You know how to do this?

Nicole: honestly, not necessarily. I don’t know what comes in my mind and I did make that for you.

Chris pause a silent. He remembers all the happenings before with Sam, his first true love and forever it will be.
Suddenly a tears came out from his eyes.. He can’t believe that all these years she couldn’t forget Sam

Nicole: are you alright? Why are you crying? Don’t you like it?

Chris: no! I love it… I just remember something.

Nicole: ok… let’s eat….

As he taste the mango float….

Chris: it can’t be (in his mind) only Sam can make this. And so the taste. Very similar to what Sam mango float. If I don’t know that Sam is dead I would think she’s the one who made this. But impossible..

Nicole starts something not ok. She placed her hand on the left side where her heart place. It’s getting hurt…

Chris: Nicole are you alright?

Again Nicole brought to the hospital.
Chris found out that Nicole before had undergone a heart transplant. And the most thing he was shock that Sam donated her heart to Nicole. In short the heart of Sam is in now with Nicole.

Now Chris truly understand that the mango float truly similar with Sam mango float is that heart’s Sam is within Nicole. And the thing he feel in love easily with Nicole.

Even she’s dead she is still here. I feel her. I love her. And still making the mango float I’ve ever loved.

Chris: Thanks Sam. I will always love and I will continuously love you within Nicole…


  1. wow great story.. mango float and a heart transplant.. what a dilemma but i surely believe that you have exerted great effort is thinking and doing this kind of story... great mango float inspired story! :)

  2. hahaha... thanks again for visiting....