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Sunday, September 26, 2010


 It’s been several nights that we’ve chat in the evening until in the morning.. Whoa.. But it’s alright because we’ve talk some stories and anything under the moon… (Coz it’s night)..
It’s good to hear that this person is still the person I used to know before. He changed, but he changed for improving his life. And it’s good to hear that.
But you know what? What I enjoyed with him? Is he being corny! Yap.. He is corny.. But because of being corny it is his asset. I don’t know why,? But there is something in him..
We’ve talked our classmates before and some other stuff. I really enjoyed it. As we talked there are some happenings that came in my mind. We.ve shared some conversation that is funny, serious and a lot more. And I’m sure he enjoyed that conversation also. We just laughed and laughed until we didn’t know that its late and already morning..
I hoped this first step in getting friends would continue…

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