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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grade School Crush

          Facebook, Twitter, Friendster etc. and other social networking websites are very popular among these days, or shall we say this generation.  Through this website I found something interesting or maybe, to be more specific i found someone that will look back my elementary days before and i never knew that we will met through this social network.
          To begin, this person,  is my elementary crush and take note my first kiss also. (hehehe)That moment i would never forget. (hehehe).. As we chat all over we discover that  we had the same feeling when we were elementary but both of us do not have the courage to say things like that before. I'm just contented to stare at him all the time and secretly seeking information about him. hahaha. He,s my crush since grade five and six... and after we graduated we don't have any communication. it took how many years for us to to met again... and now were friends!!!  friends?????.... hmmmm
but thanks to social networking websites... it really helps a lot....


  1. hehe... nakakatuwa naman.. natawa ako sa sinabi mong friends??? hehe bakit may question mark? haha.. nice article.. full of hearts.. :)

  2. hahaha... wag mo n lng lagyan ng meaning...hehehe... we know nmn our status di ba?.... trip ko lng ilgay...hehehe...
    thanks sa appreciation... i do really appreciate that....

  3. of course not.. hehe.. congrats.. you can now comment on blogs.. :)

  4. wow ang ganda naman noon! sana ako rin ! hehehe

    kilig moment! ayeee


  5. welcome sa blogging.salamat sa pagdaan sa munti kong bahagi sa web.