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Friday, September 17, 2010

Mango Float


I really love this food the "mango float"... everytime I ate this I really really felt happy.. Even we do not have occasions at home I myself make this...
It's just easy to make this.....

Here's how:   (my own procedure)

mango ripe
cream  (chilled in ref)
graham biscuit
condensed milk
crash graham

      >  sliced the mango in cubes.
       >prepare a bowl. Mix the cream and the condensed milk. Stirr well until the     mixture
        >blend well.
       >prepare a rectangular container...
       <put the graham cracker, then the misture, the crash graham and the mango... just layer them
       >just repeat the layering
       >chilled in ref overnight...

By the way  you can use also fruit cocktail...



  1. Ah! miss it! I like this dessert so much. afterall mango is my most favorite fruit. (specially the yellow Philippine mango) hmm >_<

    by the way, when you said "cream" do you mean the one being use to make "whipped cream?" or what? I just want to know, 'cause when I was in Philippines what they call "cream" wasn't the same cream that is use here in Europe or maybe many other countries too.

  2. its just a cream that is also used in fruit salad... this kind of cream can be used also in making icing.. i just dont knoe if it is a whipped cream... but we use the nestle cream here...

  3. hi rose... salamat sa pagdalaw sa aking bahay... Godbless... u

  4. i love this dessert.. ok let me try to do this.. since you presented the menu very well . :)

  5. hello! love graham desserts always!