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Monday, October 18, 2010

Masskarra Festival


 Masskara Festival. This festival is held during October 19th every year at the Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. And now this year it will be celebrating its 31st year.
Many people enjoyed this festival as well as the foreigners too. They come and enjoyed it too much.
This festival is very colorful and fun-filled. There are many happenings, like :

Live Bands


Great Foods

Masskarra Queen

 Street Dancing

Street dancing is the highlight of the event. People in every barangays competey. each other to win the championship, a trophy and a cash. It has a colorful costumes and different mask. It is where most people get excited to watch and enjoy


 The Bacolenos’ propensity to smile stems from a happy disposition towards life, which gave birth to the 31-year old MassKara Festival.

You Can Come and Enjoy:
Proud to Be Bacoleno's......


  1. this is probably the best festival in the Philippines, not to mention its very colorful and heart warming hospitality of bacolenos,,, looking forward to celebrate another event like this... great foods.. and great foods.. and great foods of course.. hehe

  2. hahaha. it seems that you like foods.. but thanks for visiting again....

  3. gusto ko yong great foods nakakagutom at yong mascare queen. nice post at ako'y nagutom.

  4. first of all i like to commed Bacolenos for having this colorful festival. And I'm happy having friends and acquaintances from Bacolod. i can say that most of your Kababayan are all cool and very friendly!

    sarap ng inasal!

  5. korek po kayo jan... hmmm rose sguro dpt magkakilala tayo.. tga bacolod man ako....

  6. Hello rose,
    musta na?
    nadalaw ka minsan sa blog ko, ngayon ako naman ang nadalaw sa site mo.

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