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Friday, October 22, 2010

Perfect !

Since I was a child I’ve always dreamed to walk in a red carpet with petals of roses on it, wearing my ever dreamed wedding dress. People would look at me as I am the most beautiful woman at that time. You may call me a fool but that’s my ever dreamed of. And I know someday that I will marry a man I truly love and he is worth of my love.

I know that this dress is some kind an elegant type but still I’m hoping I can wear this wedding dress someday. Maybe if I’m the one who will wear this,  I'll be more beautiful. (Just  kidding).
But I'm just a girl hoping someday that I can be happier ever after...


  1. you're really a typical woman who dreams of getting married someday. Don't worry it will happen soon. Just hang on and enjoy your life at the moment.

  2. Everyone dream of settling down someday and create their own family. Do not worry them for now as those will happen on the right time and to perfect person! smile!

  3. maaabot mo din yan ms. rose. there is a time for everything. he'll find you and you'll find him.

    be blessed

  4. hindi pa nmn po ako nagmamadali...hhehehe

  5. naks naman... lahat naman ng girl dream talaga yan, suportahan taka sis! hahaha! basta dahan dahan lang... dadating din yun...

  6. ay, hndi nakita comment ko?

  7. enjoy being single. the question is, nakita mo na ba ang prince charming mo?

  8. slight.. sna sya na nga...hahahha.. slmat sa pagbisita nyo..heheheh

  9. ate rose, sabi nga nila 'there's joy in waiting...'

    di ako babae at di ko naranasan ang nagmartsa papuntang altar noon... he he he... but, alamko that the 'dress' will not matter during that day... pustahan, kahit anong suotmo, kahit naka-levi strauss ka papuntang altar... you seem complete and the joy of giving yourself to someone will be overwhelming when that DAY comes... goodluck for waiting...

  10. Ako din noon gusto ko din yan dati pero ngayon parang ayaw ko na parang gusto na lng ipadala na lng ang papel na pipirmahan ko tapos yon na Mrs. nako ahahahaha :-)

    censya na panira ako ng momento :-(

  11. Well, I guess what matters most is the person waiting for you at the end of the red carpet :)

  12. ang mahalaga mahal niyo ang isat isa
    at may pambili kayo ng pagkain