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Friday, October 22, 2010

Who will she choose?

All the girls is always dreaming of their dream boy.
There was a girl who is truly madly deeply in love in a basketball player in their school. But this guy is such a good looking person. All the girls would fall for him.. Lyka is contented staring at John always whenever he watch the practice game. Apparently she didn’t know that this guy noticed her whenever she was there.

One day she couldn’t totally believe that the man on her dreams in front of him kneeling down begging for her love. For the continuation they were together. They were happy and some of the girls felt envy towards her because the most talk about guy in heir campus is now her boyfriend. She gave all the trust and love for him.
Unfortunately, she discovered that the whole thing is just a false. She discovered that she was only used for a bet. She can’t believe it. All she wanted is to love and to be loved. She breaks up with that John. But the thing is Lyka did not know that John is falling for him already although John admits that at first for him its just only a game. But the days pass they were together he realize that he was developed. But it was too late. He did all the things just to win her back but it was nothing. Lyka couldn’t forgive him.

It was a year ago but she couldn’t forger him.
As she was on the library someone sit beside her. It was a transferee on their school and it will be going to be her classmate. His name is Paul. To go on, they closed as fiends and for the meantime she had forgotten John who broke her heart but still she loves it.

Paul proposed to Lyka. But Lyka did not respond immediately. She knows for herself that she hasn’t got totally recover of what john did to him. And she knows that she cant go on in a relationship is she is still chain on her past. And it will be unfair to Paul.
But Paul didn’t give up. He waited and continually loves Lyka although it is not assure that Lyka would say yes to him. He did all his best. Lyka noticed how sincere Paul. All the love and care she ever wanted before was with Paul . Maybe its time for me to let go the past (lyka)…
She had made a decision to say yes with Paul. They’re going to met at the park. But

John came to her house surprisingly. John is making a way also to win her back again.
And now she what will she do. Who will she choose?

The person she love the most all her life, but broke her heart and now trying to win her back?..
The person who showed more love and care than ever to her and will do every thing to her

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  1. for me, if i am ms. lyka i still chose John., because nobodies perfect!!!everyone deserves a second chance!!!!and also you cant cheat yourself., you still love your past and he is trying to win and get you back!!there is a saying that love is sweeter in a second time around!