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Friday, October 29, 2010


       Hey guys there is something I want you to share. This is a true story.

When I was in high school I’ve we used to go to church every Sunday but on a Baptist religion. Coz I was studying in a Baptist school. But I think religion is not a basis how to know God and how to love and praise God.
         Here’s the story:
    During that time I was always the usherette of our church. When I was walking forward holding a basket for tithes I noticed a woman at the back. I know her because I always saw her at the church. But this time she is so different. She’s keeping to close her both ears by her hands and she keeps on telling that the pastor is very noisy and very irritable especially the preach. When I heard she was saying it, I feel nervous as if she is not her. I immediately went to the Pastor and told him what I saw and what I hear. The Pastor immediately went to that woman.  He asked the woman if do you feel something bad?. The woman replied. “Yes”.
Pastor: what it is?
Woman: you are so noisy. I don’t like your words. Just stop what you are saying.
And the woman looks at the Pastor. But the looks its like she hate the Pastor very much and a look as if like a sharp eye.
After that he told us to bring the woman in front. They were 10 guys grasping her. But you know what? They can’t lift the woman. The woman was so strong. When I saw that I can’t believe what is happening. I don’t know what to do. At last they bring the woman to the front we form a circle and she was in the middle. We put our hands over her head and the pastor start to pray. When we put our hands over her head, I feel that it was so heavy and there like a cold that pass by.  I don’t know what I feel at that time but kind a weird.
       After 30 minutes of continuing prayer the woman become calm and she just lie down. When she woke up she totally didn’t know what happened to her. by then we prayed again for her.
               In times of trouble just pray to Him and everything will be alright. He won’t leave us nor forsake us even sometimes we do forget Him.
Ø                     PRAY…


  1. Casting of demons? I know some people who claim to have that kind of gift but it's still God who is the source of power in casting out demons. God demonstrated His mighty power through that and its nice that you have witnessed. Lastly, you are right, God never changes even if we change.

  2. ahh.. totoo yan... hmmh.. di pa ako nakakasaksi but sabi ng mga kasamahan ko sa Singles For Christ na before sa batch namin meron din daw sinapian.. sa araw ng baptism for receiving holy gift.. ay talagang natakot sila... kaya ganung din ginawa nila.. they form a cirle and that posses person is in the middle... they cast a prayer over that person...matagal bago sila natapos.. but it went well..

    hay natakot talaga ako sa kwento, but most of all i was amaze by the great power of God...

    kaya naniniwala ako na kung, malapit ka kai lord. mas lalong lumalapit sayo ang demonyo... hmmm.. kakaiba talaga...

  3. yup.. kung makita nyo lng yung mata ng babae, as in nanlilisik tapos galit tlga xa lalo na pag nagpepreach yung pastor. at ang lakas nya...

    buti na rin at naging maayos nung nag pray kmi lahat sa kanya....

    thanks sa pagvisit guys....

  4. there are so many demon possessions din nman sa mundong ito.. tignan nyo lang ang taong lasing.. hahaha.. di ba parang na possess.. hehehe

  5. @indie.. pnu mo mapapaalis ang demon sa lasing? buhusan ng tubig?..hehehe

  6. grabe, i had goosebumps as i was reading your post!

    Pero as in wow! there is really POWER in PRAYER!

  7. that was a thrilling experience!
    Prayer is power :)

    I just see you're name at chiksilog
    oh n btw I'm a fellow blogger :)
    check out my blog :)

  8. makikibasa lang po...mahirap na topic ang religion. :D

  9. Yes Rose naniniwala rin ako sa power ng prayer pero wala pa akong first hand experience kamukha ng ikinuwento mo. Hindi ko alam kung paano ako magrereact kung ako ang nasa ganuong sitwasyon ahihih