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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Till Death Do Us Part

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           It was midnight when Angel is walking alone along the street. She just came from her work. She was so tired and she wants to sleep when she got home. On her walking she feels that someone as following her behind. She felt nervous that time and she just walk as fast she can to reach her home. At last she got home. When she got home she took as shower before to sleep to feel fresh. When she has to close the window at her room a cold wind blows on her.  She has a strange feeling that someone is really following her.
Angel: maybe it’s just a wind. I have to go to sleep.
What a day? Very busy. I felt so tired. I just want to sleep.
Angel: guys I have to go
Officemate: ok bye. Take good care.
Angel:  Take good care? Maybe they were the one who should take good care (smile)..
Officemate: haven’t you heard the news?
Angel: what news?
Officemate: they said that there’s a vampire here on our place..
Angel: vampire? Are you kidding? It’s just a myth. Do not believe on that stupid news like that. Got to go….
Again this strange feeling every time I walked along this street. Like before she walked fast as she could to go home. As she walked and suddenly,,,
Angel: ha? Who are you? Will you get out of my way?
Vampire Lloyd: ahhhhrrrrr…
Angel: a vampire? No
Ok ok, if you want to kill me, will you do it quickly? Ok.. Go!!
But the vampire just got away. He didn’t even kill Angel.

As she was to sleep Angel couldn’t to help to think that vampire. She doesn’t know what is happening to her but it seems she like the vampire.
Because she couldn’t sleep she opens the window to have some fresh air and to refresh her mind.
She found the vampire at the window.
Angel: what are you doing here? Are you going to kill me now?
Vampire: no. I had no intention to kill you.
Angel: why? You don’t like me? You know I’m young. And you know what? I am still a virgin.. So good for you. Right?
Vampire: I won’t hurt you? And I won’t let anybody hurt you?
Angel? Why?
Vampire: because I love you. The first time I saw you walking along that street, I don’t know but I know that time is that I’ve fall for you already.
From that time they see each other every day. And Angel fall with Lloyd.
Angel: Lloyd why don’t you make me a vampire so that I can be immortal and I we can stay forever.
Vampire: no. I won’t let you suffer what I have been suffering now. Its not good to be like me.
As they were together the enemies found it out. The enemies were the wolves. They’re going to kill Angel to let Lloyd suffer.
Lloyd: Angel you have to run away. The wolves are looking for you. They’re going to kill you.
Angel: ok. Come with me.
Lloyd: no. I’m going to stop them
Angel: but they were too many.
Lloyd: Angel just always remembers that I love you so much.
Ok ran as fast as you can.
Angel: I won’t leave you.
Lloyd: go. I’ll just follow.
And Lloyd is trying to stop the enemies and Angel keep on running.
And she heard the voice of Lloyd. Angel ran! And as she was running she couldn’t heard that voice.
By then Angel was caught by the enemies. And she…..
Angel found dead in the forest and so did also Lloyd. Lloyd was killed by the enemies both of them died. No one escaped.


  1. Wow, inspired by Imortal? :)

  2. Kung mahilig ka sa Twilight (ayaw ko sa Immortal kahit sabihin ng friend ko na maganda daw) love na kita. :)