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Monday, September 20, 2010


Vampires?... Do they really exist?

The word "vampire" comes from the Slavic word obyri or obiri, which evolved into the Bulgarian word "vampir". Some say that the Greek word nosophoros (which means "plague-carrier") that evolved into the Old Slavonic word "nosufur-atu" is a synonym for the word "vampire". In our culture, the words "vampire" and "nosferatu" are interchanged often.

Vampires were popularized by the Irish author Bram Stoker with his story of Count Dracula, a Transylvanian vampire, in 1897. The story was probably based on Vlad Tepes, a medieval character of exceptional bloodthirst. He supposedly impaled his enemies (hence his nickname Vlad The Impaler) and cut off their heads. He ruled Walachia as Vlad III in the 15th century, which is now part of Romania. He signed his letters with Vlad Dracula, which can be translated as Vlad, son of the dragon or son of the devil. His father was called "Dracul" because he had a dragon depicted on his coat of arms. 
Before Stoker, vampire literature was rare, but existent.

In order to protect to protect yourself from them the cross or crucifix was thought by the Christian. Others also believe in silver, like a silver bullet to shot them dead. If you have encounter them, cutting off their head, exposed to sunlight, touching them with crucifix and etc.

As the modern vampires they were different as the vampires from the old. They do not necessarily have the same limitations the vampires from legends had. Garlic and crosses offer no protection against them, they are supposed to be able to walk during the day, and sometimes are not considered to be undead, but another species of humans. They usually still have extraordinary powers: their strength and speed surpasses that of humans, and their senses are heightened to a preternatural level. The need for blood, however, has not diminished, in spite of how we have seen in the last twenty years a trend toward a conscientious vampire who is tormented by his/her own humanity.


  1. hmmmm.. let me pause a little bit.. vampires, ogres, and other mystic creatures are fun to be with.. hehe.. i used to love vampires.. they are more intelligent than zombies.. :) gud day rose...

  2. i love the stories of vampires... esp the twilight i really really love it....

  3. i do have watched twilight the first episode but not the others. good movie.. people are desperate to watch them..

  4. i think you should watch it... its a love story between immortal and humans.. sometimes im thinking what if also a vampire would fall for me... hahaha...