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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Birth Control Methods (government vs. church)

Birth control methods... The government and the church is still pursuing their own point of view about this issu. If you'll think of it each one of them are right. But still they do not compliment to each other.

         The government is pursuing this birth control methods in order to lessen our growth population. We can't deny that on part of it it can really help us a lot. In pursuing this issue there is advantage and disadvantage that will come. The advantage is that it would prevent the overpopulation here in our country, and also to prevent poverty especially to those people who have no stable jobs.
         By the help of this method couple's can make a plan about their future. They can make a decision if how many children they can have  and give a bright future for them. They can give a good shelter, food, clothes and especially a good education for them, which is one of the major problems of our government (lack of education).
         The disadvantage of this method that our teens would be more engaged to what we call sexual intercourse. They would think that it's ok to have sexual intercourse as long they were using this birth control method. It will be a major problems among our parents if their teenagers get involved to this.

        The church is opposite. they do not want to pursue this. They believe  on what the on the Bible state "Go and Multiply". They're saying that why will we prevent it if God wants us to multyiply. If a parents can sustain or suppport well even they have many children why not?.. But what if a family is lack of financial but they have so much children???

If we will sum it up both of them are correct. They're just pursuing or they stand what they believe for. It's up to the couples what should they do and what is the right thing to do. The most important is they have to secure the future of their children.


  1. Well... the issue here is not about who is right with regards to their stands.. but personally, how we, readers, could relate to both stands that will push us to do the right thing. What i like about the government stand is that they connote planning and right method in building family and with regards to the church's stand, they suggest natural birth control that do not fake its real essence.

  2. I think it all boils down to responsible parenting. The issue is not more on the method to use, but on the capability of the parents to raise children.

  3. yup right... still the bottomline is how will parents raise their children... thsnks for the comments... i really appreciate it...