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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bestfriend... Lover... Enemy

    Ana is very excited going to school because it is her first day in high school.  As she sit on the chair,
Brent: hi…. How are you…? My name is Brent… and may I know your name?
Ana: I’m Ana Sales
Brent: good…

    And their class starts. As the day passes Ana and Brent became close friends. Many high school students felt envy and jealous towards Ana. Many of the students think  that they were lover because of their closeness to each other.
   Apparently Brent is a young handsome, smart, cute, tall and he was being named as the campus crush. Many girls do fall for him. They give Brent some snacks, love letters , shirts and etc., but Brent do not give time for all those girls and stuff. All he did is to be with Sam. They shared secrets and everything to each other. Sometimes Sam went to Brent’s house and also Brent does the same also. They really had a good relationship and that they consider themselves as best of friends.
   Second year come of their high school. Even now Ana and Brent were still together.
   One day Ana saw Brent with another girl.  This girl is very beautiful. She had a beautiful eyes, nice nose and red lips. The qualities that Brent looking for in a girl. She doesn’t know what she is thinking or anything but she felt jealous.
Ana: OMG! What is happening to me? Why am I feeling this way? It can’t be. All I know is that Brent is my best friend. Am I falling for him?

   When the days passed Ana notice something about Brent. Brent has changed. He was not the same as Brent she knew before. Brent is always with Vernice. They were so close just like them before. But one day Brent talks to Ana.
Ana: hi. How are you? It seems that you’re busy now a days.
Brent: oh I’m so sorry Ana. There something I want to tell you. You know what I’m in love. I’m in love  with Vernice, and I’m courting her.
Ana: oh really? Well then good for you. By the way good luck.
Brent: oh thank you best. Thank you so much. I have to go. See ya..
Ana: (supposed to be I felt happy with Brent. But what’s this? I’m hurting and it hurts so much. It’s like my heart was shot by a gun. (and the tears starts to fall)…..
   The days passed. Ana keep distance towards Brent as he told. Brent says that Vernice felt jealous every time they were together, so Ana did what Brent told her.
   One day Ana saw Brent under a tree crying all alone. She hurriedly came to Brent.
Ana: what happened to you? Why are you crying?
Brent: Vernice basted me up.
Ana: what? Why? (she don’t know what will she react , sad because Brent was ignore and he is crying, or happy because Brent was ignore and they will be together again).
Ana: It’s alright. Don’t worry Vernice is not the only girl in this world. Don’t put your whole life to her. Don’t let your world be on her. Just cheer up. You know what just look around maybe you’ll see the right girl.
(Brent looks around and he saw Ana, and she looked on her).
Ana: why?  Is there something wrong? Did I say something you don’t like?
Brent: no. Apparently no. Thank you for being here.
(and Brent hold her hands.. Ana felt “ kilig “ and blush. It’s like here heart melts)
Ana: OMG. Am I in heaven? Am I dreaming? If this is a dream I hope it won’t last…

Brent and Ana became lovers. On their past few months they were happy. Happy as can be.. Suddenly in a mall they saw Vernice (she transferred school after that break up and they don’t see each other then). Brent stares at Vernice.
Ana felt nervous and jealous.
After that moment suddenly Brent felt cold on Ana. He changed again!. Ana was thinking that something wrong is happening and she has to find it out even it would hurt her.

As Ana was strolling in the mall she saw Brent and Vernice accidentally. They were vey sweet just like lovers. Ana walk over them.
Ana: Hi Brent.
Brent: Ana! (as Brent was shock)
Ana: oh why? Why is it that your shock…
Vernice: Ana? Is that you? Good thing we’ve met again. By the way Brent and I were together. What a coincidence. Before I reject him but now we’re together. What a life isn’t it?
Ana: what? Both of you?
Vernice:  Yes… is there something wrong?
Ana: nothing. I have to go.

Ana walks fast away from them
Brent: Vernice wait for me here…
Vernice: ok
Brent: Ana (as he shouted)
Ana: what? (as the tears fall from here eyes). What did I do? Did I something wrong? Why did you do this to me? All I did was to keep loving you….. now what?
Brent: I’m so sorry. I taught Vernice…..
Ana: You taught Vernice what?  All those days were just a fake! You’ve just used me to overcome the sadness you felt towards her. And you didn’t love me at all. And you know what? Right now and then, I really, really hate you. I won’t forget you. You cheated me!
Brent: wait!!!
(and Ana runs fast)…..
After that day, they ignore each other. Ana felt very angry to Brent. She was cheated! If only she could transfer a school so that she won’t see Brent anymore. But she can’t do that because she is a scholar then and that she have a discount and it is a big help on their financial.
Brent is trying to do something that Ana will forgive him. But Ana always refuses him..
Ana: you know what? What’s the best thing you can do? Stay away from me!
Brent: I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt and cheated you. Honestly, I though I could easily forget her if would go into a relationship.
Ana: and you choose me? My gosh Brent! All along you know that I have feeling on you. And you took advantage for it. Have you been think that you’re going to hurt me with what you’re doing?
Brent: I didn’t mean it.
Ana: you didn’t mean it? What a pity answer… LIAR!!!
You are selfish. You always think of yourself and not mending on others feelings. It would be better if we wont talk each other and don’t ever come over to me again.
Before I love you but now I hate you…! From now on I am not your Best friend. nor Lover but now you are my enemy......

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  1. Oh my God,, what a story.. i dont know if this is your story or it belongs to someone else but i really can feel the emotion behind every lines that you have written.. and at times there are things that we experience that we ought to think would turn out good but we fail to see its dawn. And being in the shoes of Ana is really hard considering that she was used and served as an overnight pillow to hug. But then,,, it has a lesson where in we could always ponder on.. not all men can be counted but we can count on God who will never leave us even in our lowest moments.. :)