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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Young Dreamers


When I'm watching tv there is a news that keeps me quite interesting.
It is about children who grew up scavenging through the heaps of trash. Despite the government's closure to the dumpsite still people are there to live and we can't deny that scavenging is there way of life to live.
Children before who did not go to school but now they were scholars in some schools and as well they were players of a baseball team. There are some NGO's that help them to make a training venue for this children. By helping hand in hand at last behind the smokey mountain  there is a training ground for them. Instead of get involving in some bad influences it's good to know that this children we can see a bright future for them and they were leading on the right path.
Poverty is not a hindrance to what we want to achieve. Just don't lose hope. Let's take some example to this children who lives in a smokey mountain.They were working hard in order to finish their schooling and achieve what they want in the near future. We just hope that people behind who helped them will continue them helping. In the near future we may not know someday they would represent our country..

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  1. Kahit sino pa yan, mahirap o mayaman, kung may gumagabay sa ating mga kabataan, hindi malayo ang iyong vision Rose, sila ay maipagmamalaking kabataan.